“‘He has promoted himself god.’

‘Nice work if you can get it.'”

I just finished Gregory Maguire’s Out of Oz, the third book in the Wicked series. Maguire discusses religion and philosophy in a way that really seems to touch the heart of the matter; it is all uncertain.

Everyone is always looking for something. Some look for the return of Ozma, the supposedly dead and deposed child queen of Oz. Others look for the return of Lurlina, a pagan goddess. Some even look to see Elphaba, the infamous Wicked Witch of the West, flying over the Emerald City once more. Others look to the newer Unnamed God who has supposedly manifested himself in the form of their new and “humble” emperor. What they all really want is someone to make their lives seem less unbearable. If you have something to believe in, it is much easier to be happy. You can think positive thoughts if you know there is someone there who will help you along the way.

My mom always talks about positive thinking and the way that our thoughts manifest themselves as actions and results. I agree with her too and have been following everything she says and it really works. I believe that everything will be better if I believe it will be better. I have to be happy in order to bring more happiness in the future. This way I don’t allow myself to become unhappy because I believe that will only bring more unhappiness. I am happy because I believe in something. I believe that the world will continue changing and that I can choose whether or not that change is good. I also believe in a God who listens to those those positive thoughts and helps form more to be positive about in my life.

I have heard many say that belief is silly and that those who are religious or believe in a god cannot handle reality. Belief carries the world. We need it to survive each day. If there is nothing to believe in, than the future will never improve and no one wants that. Belief is hope and hope can manifest as change for the better. This does not mean that we don’t see what is real. You can believe in reality and fix your own problems without giving up on what makes you happy and the knowledge that change is everywhere.

If someone can convince themselves and everyone around them that they are, in fact, God, than there can be no certainty in what we believe. Descartes once said that the only certainty is that someone is being deceived. Still, as the dwarf said, “Nice work if you can get it.” The point of belief is not that the person is right or wrong but that their beliefs bring them joy. No matter your beliefs, whether they be that the sun will rise in the morning or that you are God, if they bring joy to someone, they are worth having. There is no certainty but certainty doesn’t matter. Everyone needs a little help and sometimes that help comes in the form of something, or someone, that we cannot see.


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