The Soul and Belief

Recently our English teacher asked us if we would take the opportunity to see the damage we had done to our soul if given the chance. I replied with: “…the most prominent reason I have for wanting to see my soul is to see that I have one. I have been hurt by people telling me that, as an atheist, I am going to hell and do not have a soul. In general, I am used to this and can deal with it  as I am very set in my conviction that there is not a god; however, if given the chance, I would like to be able to prove that I do have a soul and that it has not been damaged by my lack of belief in a god. Or, if they are right and I either do not have a soul or have damaged it, I would like to know the truth in order to stand by what I believe in with full knowledge of the situation. It is always easier to argue a point when all information is available.”

I decided to extend this statement in relation to belief. It is believed that those who do not have faith in a higher power, do not have a soul; however, I believe that those who do not have real faith are the ones that would not have souls, if anyone is soulless. Just because a person follows a religion and, technically, believes in a higher power, does not mean that they have faith. I have seen people who preach and claim to believe in a god, yet they do not have faith. The people who actually have faith have complete conviction in their beliefs and have no need to flaunt them or push them on others because they know what they believe and that is all that’s important. The people who live superficial lives or preach without any real conviction except of their own superiority are the people who would be most likely to not have a soul. This is not to say, however, that these people do not have souls. I would not know. I am only convinced that they have no right to claim that people who have more passion for life and more conviction than them do not have souls when those people show their souls through every feeling and thought that they express.

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