Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony!

The 66th Annual Tony Awards were tonight and, while it was not their best year, it was definitely not the worst. Neil Patrick Harris was hilarious as usual; there were many Spiderman jokes made; and there were actually some good shows!!! Once, the winner of Best Musical, looks so fantastically awesome. I was actually really surprised that it won though since it’s based on an obscure British film from several years back. I honestly expected Newsies to win but, then, it won Best Score and that often means no Best Musical… I was not thrilled with any of the revivals this year and the plays didn’t catch my attention though I would be happy to see many of them.

Patty LuPone needs help! I love the woman. In fact, I am a huge fan, but she has not aged well and her singing has never been her strongest skill. She needs to move from musicals to plays and stop trying so damn hard!

On a sadder note, I had to watch the Tony Awards with my sister. It was actually very fun, but not the same as watching it with a good friend. I love the Tonys and my goal for next year is to have someone here or to go to someone who can watch them with me.

Happy 66th Tony Awards everyone!

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